Time to Give Up Softball

I ended up visiting a Phoenix chiropractor after sliding into home during one of my work’s softball league games. I’ve been on the team for years and never had a problem despite the play being fairly rough. We don’t pull any punches to win, and that usually results in a lot of scrapes, bruises, and even pulled muscles. The problem, I think, is my advancing age. What you can shake off in your thirties and even forties really hits home after you turn fifty. My fiftieth birthday came and went before the latest season started but I was still out there playing like I was a young man.

As soon as I slide into home, I knew something was wrong. I felt a shooting pain start in the middle of my back and extend down my legs. Not good. After ascertaining that I wasn’t paralyzed, I quietly took myself out of the game and watched from the bench. I hoped the pain would decrease, but it didn’t. Getting up to leave, however, caused the pain to increase to levels that took my breath away. One of the teammates noticed my distress and ended up driving me home. He also gave me the number to a chiropractor just to make sure everything was in working order.

I didn’t go the next day as I spent most of the time lying in bed hoping things would get better. Unfortunately, it got worse. Trips to the bathroom seemed to take forever as I kept having to catch my breath. By the time I got to the chiropractor, I figured my next stop was the hospital if this didn’t pan out. Fortunately, this chiropractor knew what he was doing. By moving my back in certain directions, he took the pain away so that I could walk with minor discomfort. Two weeks later I feel great!