The Tree House I Built for the Kids Beat Up My Back

The kids told me to climb up into the tree house with them. I built it big enough to hold about four adults comfortably. The massive maple tree was not even touched in the design of the tree house. The design flows around its branches and trunk. The ladder is very sturdy. Strong enough for even my big brother who is a linebacker. Leave it to me to slip getting back on the ladder to come back down. I pulled something in my shoulder and had to see a San Francisco chiropractor a couple of days later. I was asked by the doctor why I did not come in earlier. I like to see if something will get better before seeking medical help. I should have went in.

I hurt pretty bad for two whole days. It was not severe when I did it. It just kind of popped and felt funny in my back. I knew I pulled a muscle, but I had tingling pains too. I figured I twisted my back and irritated some nerves. I even took a couple of ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation. I have a basic understanding of anatomy and medicine. When I was not getting any relief, I wanted to try chiropractic first. I knew that my doctor would schedule a bunch of imaging tests and then prescribe me NSAIDs, that I was already taking, and probably would offer an opiate. I won’t touch those with a 10-foot pole. They make me sick to the stomach and, well, they constipate me too!

Chiropractic therapy included heat. electrical stimulation, massage and spinal adjustments. I felt better after the first treatment. It sure was a pain reliever having that first visit. I did not need any more ibuprofen. The remaining treatments got me back in shape and probably a little better than I was before.