The Best Way to Watch How I Met Your Mother, Glee, and Breaking Bad Online Now!


Hello all,

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite tv shows online such as the hilarious How I met your mother, or the suspenseful Breaking Bad, and when you are just feel like singing out loud you may want to watch Glee online.

To Pay or Not to Pay…

That is the question question that comes up more times than you would like to think. There are many episodes online for free but Youtube is now starting to ban many of the full episodes. I personally found it much easier to pay a small fee and have access the the entire season of the episodes, that way i could watch the episodes in sequential order and in a higher quality format.

Another way to watch shows like Breaking Bad online is to go directly to the shows website such as HBO or AMC.

If you insist on watching online for free and the shows are not on the main stations website such as that of Fox or FX, then there are many torrent sites out there in which you can download episodes from, please be careful as many of these torrent sites also host viruses or malware infected files.

If you are not sure what episodes you missed, you may want to look up the How I met your mother episode guide. This way you can ensure that you haven’t missed a single episode of some of your favorite tv shows.

If you are looking for more information I will continue to update my blog and give you additional details shortly.